The Majestic Peacocks
Welcoming visitors to Finnstown Castle Hotel


For some time we have been endeavoring to piece together the history of Finnstown House and Castle. Historian J.A.H.M. (Turtle) Bunbury ( has kindly brought it all together and conducted considerable further research not only into Finnstown but also into the surrounding houses and castles, which were often connected by marriage. Indeed the study is a synopsis of the history of Lucan, Esker, The Liffey Valley and troubled Ireland over the last 500 years.

Thomas Hickey, the artist (1753 – 1816) and his brother, sculptor John Hickey are also featured in the text. Some of Thomas Hickey’s work, (courtesy: National Gallery of Ireland), can be seen hanging on the staircases to the Library at Finnstown, one of his commissions was to paint Robert Emmett in 1796. What follows is the full version of Turtle’s “History of Finnstown House”, an edited copy of which may be had from the hotel reception.