Richard Grainger Jeune Nash

Richard Grainger Jeune NashRichard and Caroline Nash had one son, Richard Grainger Jeune Nash, born on 17th January 1910, and a daughter, Juliet, born on May 13th 1913. On 17th May 1914, just over a year after Juliet’s birth, Richard Grainger Nash died aged 54. Thus, when the Great War broke out across Europe in August 1914, the heir apparent to Finnstown House was four-year-old Dick Nash. In October 1917, Dick’s widowed mother married the Rev. Charles Follis, Rector of Carbery and Canon Of Kildare, by whom she had a daughter. The young Nash family were then dispatched across the Irish Sea to England where they grew up near Weybridge in Surrey. It would seem that Mrs. Follis arranged the sale of Finnstown House in about 1918. The Rev. Follis died in February 1925.

Young Dick was amongst the first pupils to enrol in the new public school set up at Stowe in Buckinghamshire by Clough Williams-Ellis in 1922. One of his exact contemporaries at Stowe was Hollywood’s finest gentleman actor, David Niven. That both boys had lost their fathers when young may have given them a common bond although Dick does not feature in Niven’s excellent auto-biography, “The Moon’s a Balloon”. During the 1920s, Dick embarked on a career as an automobile engineer, taking advatage of the great Brooklands race track which lay near his home, Hanger Hill, in Weybridge. On October 24th 1932, Richard G.J. Nash, driving his Frazer Nash, "The Terror", at 32.44mph, set the fastest time ever by a car up Brookland’s Test Hill at 7.45 seconds. “It was estimated that Nash’s car, which used twin rear tyres, breasted the hill at some 50mph, and certainly, it was air-bourne for about 30 ft after reaching the summit, a truly hair-raising experience in view of the many trees. Nash’s time of 7.45 seconds has never been beaten."

On 10th February 1938, Dick married Gladys Spencer, eldest daughter of George Spencer of Maydor, Park Avenue, Bromley, Kent. The couple had a son Richard, born on 31st December 1947 and, like his father, educated at Stowe. His last known address was given as The Beeches, 69 Hangar Hill, Weybridge, Surrey. Dick died on 18th December 1966 aged 56. His mother, Mrs. Follis, died four months later on 26th April 1967 aged 88.

Dick’s younger sister, Juliet, was married on 6th November 1943 to Stafford Mannion, son of Thomas Mannion of Park cottage, Bebbington, Cheshire. Stafford died on 1st September 1951. Juliet Nash returned to visit Finnstown House in 1988 for which occasion the Hickeys kindly threw a small party.