The Finnstown Countdown
As our very own Jennifer Dunne comes into her final 7 months before her wedding, we have decided to bring you all along on the journey of a Finnstown Bride's Countdown!! From the venue (obviously :-) ) to the decor, the dress and all that is entailed in her big day.
So first things first. When Jen announced to the office and pretty much everyone she possibly could, that she got engaged over the 2016 Christmas Period the choice was obvious. Having swiftly ruled out a destination wedding the destination was to be Finnstown Castle Hotel. Finding the date for a wedding next year was somewhat of a challange but we got there and the groom was even informed in due course. Opening the file and starting the journey for one of our own is far from a first but something the wedding team relish.
Stay with us for weekly updates on The Finnstown Countdown.